Dr. Joel Lavine

Dr. Joel Lavine’s career has been focused on many different factors, including identifying and understanding fundamental biological processes and diseases that affect children and require the use of basic science, engineering, computing, and diagnostic tools to handle correctly. His research is expansive and includes many fields that make him an innovator in a surprising range of topics.

For instance, he has endeavored in the last two decades to bring together pediatrics, internal medicine, pathology, and radiology to help children and adults with obesity. These topics include identifying various treatment methods that may help people with obesity better understand their bodies and the impact that obesity has on them. This research is just 20 years of his very long and successful career.

His primary research interests include the natural history, genetics, biomarker development, and treatment of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD. Few people understand the impact of this condition and how damaging it is to the body. Around 25% of all American adults have this condition and may develop cirrhosis, liver cancer, and other diseases due to this condition.

Specific Research Projects Joel Lavine Has Headed
Dr. Joel Lavine has worked on many research projects that have helped identify contributing factors and treatments for NAFLD and other associated diseases during his career. For example, he was one of eight Principal investigators and the only Pediatric Investigator who helped form and serve on the National Institutes of Diabetes, Kidney, and Digestive Diseases (NIDDK) in the NASH Clinical Research Network. He was on the committee as its co-chair for 16 years and helped create all but one of the protocols used for studying pediatric health in this particular field.

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